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Main Cast

Thaxter Mortimer

Thaxter may come off as being weird and eccentric at first, but once you get to know him... well, he sort of is. 35 years old (but appearing much older), his hobbies include poring over Lovecraftian novels, playing 8-bit video games, caring for his daughter, and exorcising demons. He's quite a sentimentalist, and ever since his wife passed away, he's been feeling quite lonely. He is also prone to jealousy around other people who are in romantic relationships.

A child at heart, his weapons of choice include a squirt gun filled with holy water, wind-up plastic kittens that explode into a cloud of dust made of various cleansing herbs, and a pogo stick modified to shoot wooden stakes. He is a huge fan of the movie Ghostbusters, and hopes to follow in Bill Murray's fictional footsteps in the hunt for the supernatural.

Grimhilt "Grimm" Mortimer

Grimm may only be 5 years old, but don't let that fool you. This stab-happy little girl has rapier wit and will not take crap from any idiot who obviously has no idea what they're doing. Her cold, steely demeanor is a result of being resurrected after her death, but under it all, she's really just a five-year-old kid.

Her hobbies include reading Plato, having tea parties with her stuffed "aminals," (and occasionally her father), baking cupcakes, calculus, solving puzzles, and drawing. While she can be quite intimidating towards anyone or anything she doesn't like, she is quite excitable and has a short attention span when cute, furry things are in her immediate area.

Other Characters

Drew Little

Drew is the somewhat lethargic manager of Petmo', a small pet store in the suburbs.

She is Thaxter's first client in the comic, aside from the (currently) nameless guy with the glasses in the prologue.